Forced by circumstance into each other's lives, Margaret Clayton and Bernice Stokes have become late-life best friends. Old in years but young in spirit, the two women meet in an eastern North Carolina nursing home, where, at first glance, the sameness of each day creeps into every page of the calendar. For Margaret and Bernice however, this time of life marks the beginning of an unlikely and amazing journey of friendship. Lorraine, their plain-spoken African-American nurse both protects and provokes them under a watchful eye, along with her "star" daughter April, an aspiring doctor, as well as Rhonda, the longneck Bud-swilling beautician who does their hair once a week. Irreverent at every turn, Margaret and Bernice break all the rules as they approach their final destination, even when faced with the challenges of indifferent families and fragile memories. Along the way, all five women learn to reconcile their respective pasts, find forgiveness, choose hope, and above all, relish in the joy of life.